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AFL Marketing - Reward Partner program

Become a preferred partner in A Family Limousine reward program

A Family Limousine offers a Reward program to all its customers, ground miles can be exchanged for Limo services and/or selected services promoted by our affiliated business partners.

Today consumers are becoming more and more demanding and want the utmost service for their dollar value. The E-commerce has motivated the consumers to look for the best prices available on the market for all kind of products and services.

The latest studies show that in addition to seeking “good deals”, the consumers also consider other important elements, such as:

  • Web/Internet access (the comfort of shopping from home!)
  • Well priced, affordable product

And most of all, today’s consumer is looking for added value:

  • Special promotions
  • FREE gift or services
This explains why the reward miles or points offered in the marketplace are becoming so popular. The REWARD concept creates loyalty towards the companies and services involved in the program.

A Family Limousine created its reward program a few years ago and offered it to all its customers. Each customer receives a membership card and for each purchase they make with A Family Limousine, miles are accumulated. When enough miles are accumulated, the customer may use the points towards purchase of additional services with A Family Limousine or buy from our business partners and benefit from special discounts, services or promotions.

In an effort to constantly improve our service and expand our line of products, we are creating the AFL Reward Partners and the AFL Travel Club. Therefore, all our customers will benefit from getting preferred access to services and discounts offered through our partners.

Our business partners are carefully selected, they are offered additional exposure, and the possibility to get reservations or sales apart from the miles system.

Each partner is also invited to participate to our marketing actions*; such as advertising, mailings, email broadcast and others…

Our Reward Partner program and Travel Club program include and promote a variety of products and services:

• Restaurants & Bars
• A selection of Hotels in South Florida
• A selection of Golf Club & Resorts
• Spa & Fitness Center
• Cruises
• Vacation packages & Tours
• Airlines (including private charters & Jet service)

Wedding/Honeymoon section:

• Bridal Shops & Tuxedo shops
• Banquet facilities
• Photographer/Video production
• Honeymoon packages

Many others to be added…

Contact our marketing department for more details and to register your business as a participant to our preferred partner reward program: [email protected]

* Fees & conditions apply